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10 Best Places To See Celebrities Eat

Wanna know where celebs eat? Wait … what? No, that’s not a rhetorical question. Just like the rest of us, celebrities do eat. And they like to eat well. That often means multi-course meals at swanky steakhouses like BOA, Morton’s and Mastro’s, not to mention sceney standards like Spago, Nobu and Mr Chow. But there are other places that celebs flock to for a little sustenance. Here are some of the best places where I’ve seen celebs repeatedly getting their grub on.

Celebs love fancy hotels, so restaurants at fancy hotels are always a sure thing.

Four Seasons pool - Photo by Mar Yvette

Four Seasons Los Angeles Beverly Hills
While the Four Seasons would never disclose the names of their famous guests (that’s one reason celebs just love this place), they can’t stop me from saying it. I’ve seen so many celebs here, it’s crazy. Mark Wahlberg is here for Sunday brunch pretty much every week. (I think he brings the fam after church–lovez!) The last time I was at Culina I saw none other than Sidney Poitier having lunch … um, can you say ‘living legend’?? Another time I saw Charlize Theron there with a girlfriend. I’ve also seen Bill Maher at the bar, chatted up Craig Robinson in the lounge and ran into Nate Berkus in the elevator. This hotel also hosts countless Hollywood events throughout the year, so rest assured that anyone who’s ever been or will be famous does the Four Seasons.


Hotel Bel Air - Photo by Mar Yvette

Wolfgang Puck @ Hotel Bel Air
This is a great indoor/outdoor destination and anytime I’ve been here it’s always been in the company of celebs. Last time I was having lunch with friends Geena Davis was at the next table and I had just missed Sharon Stone. Oh, also saw Dennis Quaid dropping off his car with valet and Tim Gunn walking by. With its lovely landscaping and famous swans, the Hotel Bel Air is also a popular spot for baby showers. Just ask Gwen Stefani and Jessica Simpson.


The lobby at Chateau Marmont

Chateau Marmont
The Chateau on Sunset is crawling with celebs so much that management doesn’t allow any photography in the restaurant or out on the patio. (You know how hard that is for someone like me who’s constantly taking pictures of her food?!) EVERY TIME I’m here I see someone famous. It never fails. My last visit I saw Daisy Fuentes, Rose McGowan, JB Smoove and a bunch of other celebs I’ve since forgotten because I couldn’t take pix so how could I remember? Other times I’ve run into Adrian Grenier, Giovanni Ribisi, Christopher Walken and Russell Brand.


The restaurant at Sunset Marquis

Sunset Marquis
Sunset Marquis is a rock & roll legend. Located just off the Sunset Strip, it’s a secluded getaway on a side street yet close enough to all the action, which is why it’s become a home away from home for rock stars. Steven Tyler is pretty much synonymous with this place and there are always some rock dudes walking around that I know are famous but I just don’t know their names. The fab Cavatina restaurant with its pretty outdoor patio and laidback vibe is where celebs eat in privacy while enjoying one of the most romantic spots in LA.


From chic and trendy hot spots to casual, affordable cafes, here are the best restaurants for celeb spotting.

Crossroads' artichoke oysters - Photo by Mar Yvette

Crossroads Kitchen
Elevating plant-based cuisine to a fine-dining experience, Crossroads in West Hollywood serves gourmet vegan dishes with lots of celeb eye candy. Paul McCartney, Jay Z, Beyonce and Ellen DeGeneres all have been here and every time I’m in for a meal I’ve seen someone famous including Travis Barker from Blink 182, Tobey Maguire, Emily Deschanel and Jane Fonda looking absolutely fierce!


French toast at the Griddle Cafe

Griddle Cafe
Not only does this Sunset Blvd cafe have the most incredible bigger-than-your-face pancakes and French toast in LA, but it also has some of the best celeb-spotting. Anywhere. Name the celeb, they come here: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto, Anthony Hopkins, Halle Berry, Jamie Foxx, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Timberlake, James Franco, Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendez, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Brad & Angelina, Pit Bull, Danny Trejo, Gail King, the list goes on and on. So does the line every weekend, so try hitting this place up on a weekday after the rush if you can.


Gjelina pizza - Photo courtesy of Food Network

Pretty people like pretty food and this ridiculously popular spot on Venice’s Abbot Kinney lures in crowds with its trendy, buzzy scene and flavorful thin crust pizzas. The place is typically so loud and crowded that you might actually miss the celebs among you, so make sure you look up from your plate every once in a while and you just might realize that’s Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon or Ryan Seacrest sitting next to you. (True story.)


Back room at Casa Vega

Casa Vega
This Valley haunt on Ventura Blvd has been around since 1956 and I think celebs go here not only for the guacamole and margaritas, but because it’s so dark and lowly-lit inside, nobody can see them. Aside from the Kardashians who practically live here, this is where Amy Adams, Matt Damon, Mila Kunis and Giselle Bundchen get their Mex fix.


Private dining at Crustacean

For years, celebrities have counted on Crustacean for Euro-Asian cuisine (including those famous garlic noodles) in Beverly Hills. Everyone from Warren Beatty to Bruno Mars eats here. I was here not too long ago with Jessica Alba, Terrence Howard and Quincy Jones just one garlic-breath noodle away from me!


Jitlada - Photo by Fireside Chats

With absolutely no fanciness about it whatsoever, this Thai Town strip mall find is a foodie mecca for locals, tourists and culinary stars alike. Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern are big fans of the ridiculously spicy eats like jungle curry as are Aziz Ansari, Katy Perry and Ryan Gosling.

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  1. Steph J at 5:23 pm

    You didn’t mention The Beverly Hills Hotel. We dined next to David Spade at the pool. The Kardashians and plenty of celebs hide out there.

  2. StarF*ckRRR at 2:27 pm

    The #1 place to see celebritys other then the front page of TMZ is at parties in the Hollywood Hills acting all skanky like they true selves not in the public images. All the stories I could tell…….

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    I always wanted to try the Griddle but the line is too long lol. I love the Ivy too but also long and you don’t always get the patio seat. Make advance reservations!!!

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