El Nosh Truck & Grammy Winners Pacific Mambo Orchestra!

Listen up, LA! There’s a new food truck in town and it’s called El Ñosh. I had chefs Eric Greenspan & Roberto Trevino stop by the show to serve up stuff like falafel tacos, smoked-salmon & cream cheese quesadillas, mole brisket chimichangitas and bunuelos with gelt melt. It’s all actually REALLY GOOD! I also had fun getting on this thing called the Rollfit Vogue, which is part of the latest and greatest at the annual Fit Expo. It’s supposed to drain your lymph nodes and both stimulate/relax your body after a workout. I have to say, it works–my butt felt stimulated well after I got off the machine!

I was also excited to have 2014 GRAMMY WINNERS Pacific Mambo Orchestra perform for us–although we couldn’t accommodate all 19 members at our studio, they were still great! (And I love that they won with their own independently released album.) And not to be forgotten … I also met Chuckles, the 40-pound pug. OMGGGG!!!!!! He was visiting for another segment on obese pets and I was completely taken by this puggisss!!! He is the absolute CUTEST thing in the WORLD, but unfortunately he could barely breathe! The good news is that he’s being cared for by a vet who is helping this ridiculously cute woof lose weight. LOVEZZZ THE CHUCKLES!!!

Watch the Video: Weekend Roundup

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