Peninsula's Red Carpet Experience

LA’s Oscar Celebrations

Ready for your close-up? Even if you’re not one of the glittery, overprivileged few who will be basking in superfluous glory at the Academy Awards on Sunday, February 27, there’s no reason you can’t party--and eat and get pampered--like an A-lister. I'm not talking about those invite-only parties for the rich, famous, and hyper-ego'd.
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31Ten's patio

Holy Smokes: Cigar Night

Feel like a smoke? I'm certainly no advocate for lighting up, but the idea of hanging out with a few fine cigars, sipping on fine wine and enjoying a decadent five-course feast does have its appeal. And now you can indulge in that very thing every first Monday of the month starting March 7 at Santa Monica's new 31Ten Lounge.
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Aerial acrobats & really comfy beds

Hot New Pick: Supperclub

Dinner. Dancing. And a boy named Billy. What more do you need for a faaaaabulous night out on the town? Nothing, as long as you have a sense of humor and a taste for the not so usual. Supperclub LA has arrived in the City of Angels and this all-in-one experience is ready to whisk you away to an ever-changing world of the whimsical, the wildly delicious and the downright wacky.
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BLT popovers

Get Your Steak On…

...for a helluva lot less than you normally would. BLT Steak, that swankiest of swanky steakhouses, is celebrating its birth date on March 3, and you get the gift. For one day only, BLT Steak’s famous filets, rib eye and New York strip steaks, Dover sole (the fish alone is $50!), and blackboard main courses will be priced at $33.04 while all sides, desserts, and cocktails will be just $3.03! As for those famous life-changing popovers, those are, as always, free.
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Lineage Dance

Just Dance, People!

Are we human? Or are we dancers? That ridiculously flummoxing question might come courtesy of The Killers (seriously, dudes, WTH?!), but the folks behind the 4th Annual Pasadena Dance Festival seem to have the answer: We’re dancers, people! From Thursday, Feb 17 to Saturday, Feb 19, the three-day event will celebrate with shows, classes and workshops for beginners and pros alike.
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Chinese Lion Dancers + Mar

Year of the Rabbit

It might be the Year of the Rabbit, but the 4th Annual Nite N Day celebration on Saturday, February 12th in Chinatown's Historic Central Plaza will have plenty of Lion Dancers and other eye-catching performances during the day of food, music, and culture. The best part of it all? It's FREE to the public!
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Diamonds in the raw

LA’s Most Blinged-Out Facial

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but did you ever think they'd be your skin's best ally? Sonya Dakar, LA’s go-to skin guru for virtually every famous face in Hollywood, says yes. Throughout the month of February, you can book the “Diamond Peel” treatment (yes, it uses real crushed diamonds) for yourself and get one free for someone else.
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TRACES Chinese Poles

Jump Around: Traces in LA

Real People. Unreal Feats. And might we add, Crazy Feets! There's a new acrobatic-dance-performance-art troupe in town and they're called Traces. Performing for the first time in LA now until February 11th at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre, this six-man + one-woman show is ready to blow your mind.
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Silver Lake Chorus Video

Silver Lake Gleeeee!

Whether or not you're a fan of Glee, you will most certainly fall in love with The Silver Lake Chorus. That's because TSLC is an anything-but-annoying multicultural group of 20- and 30-somethings who sing fun and delightful and lovely and inspiring choral versions of popular indie songs. And you can see them live this Friday in Echo Park...but first, catch them performing on my Weekend Roundup on Thursday, Feb 3rd!
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History of Black Dance in America

Black Dance in America

February is Black History Month and to honor the occasion the Central Avenue Dance Ensemble has created a two-hour multimedia dance experience called "The History of Black Dance in America" that brings to life African and African-American inspired dances that have been in the US from the 1800s to today.
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LA Cupcake Challenge

Cupcakes ... AGAIN?! The sweet little treats might seem cliche after having them shoved down our throats for I-don't-know-how-many-years, but you'd never know it when hundreds of sugar seekers and dozens of cupcake makers converge in Hollywood for the 4th Annual Cupcake Challenge.
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Bar Toscana Video

Hot New Pick: Bar Toscana

Who knew you could have so much fun in Brentwood? (Well, whenever alcohol's involved, people always seem to be in a better mood.) The quiet Westside town is now home to Bar Toscana, the cocktail-centric younger sibling to Toscana, a longtime neighborhood favorite for Northern Italian fare.
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Moveable Feast Video

Eat & Rum: Moveable Feast

United States embargo against Cuba still got you down? Yeah, doesn't look like that's going away anytime soon, but so what! Now you can escape to Havana for a taste of la isla banned-ita thanks to Moveable Feast, the brainchild of caterer-chef Meg Hall.
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Breakfast Pizza in LA

Having a cold slice of Domino's or Little Caesars the morning after an all-night bender might be a rite of passage for some (okay, many), but the greasy comfort carb isn't exactly the breakfast of champions. Until now.  Pizza is popping up on breakfast menus around Los Angeles and we're not just talking traditional pizzerias. Find out where to go for gourmet renditions of the round doughy dish.
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Body Inspired Fitness Video

5 Tips 4 Staying Fit

If you're anything like me, you despise working out. Like, really, really despise it. But no more excuses! It's time to make good on all those resolutions and get that bod in shape. So what's an exercise-averse person to do?
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Nikki Costa Video

Whoa! Nikka Costa Strips

The hotness herself Nikka Costa has a new album called "PR*Whoa!" (yeah, weird), and it has the fiery redhead branching out from her soulful funk roots to fun electro-pop territory.  See her up close and personal on the Sunset Strip ... but first, catch her performing live on my Weekend Roundup on Thursday, Jan 20th!
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Mas Malo Dining Room

Hot New Pick: Mas Malo

Vegan menudo, WHAT?!! Now that Mas Malo has officially opened on the hottest street (7th) in LA's hottest 'hood (Downtown), it was time to check out this long-awaited outpost of the Silver Lake original.
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WP24 Does it Again

Over the weekend, I stopped by WP24 at the Ritz Carlton. I hadn't been back since it first opened in April 2010 and wanted to make sure it was still as good as I remembered. So ... did it still sizzle or fizzle?
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Fan Halen Video

Fan Halen … Really?

David Lee Roth. Eddie Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen's brother. Oh, and that stubby guy. Ok, so you're not gonna catch them together on stage anytime soon, but who cares? That's what this tribute band is for!
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Best Restaurants in Los Angeles


Eat much in 2010? So many new Los Angeles restaurants opened this past year and if you were anything like me, you ate at as many of them as you could. So what qualifies a restaurant to be considered among the best?
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Burlesque in Los Angeles

Burlesque in LA

Boas, bustiers and barely-clad babes, oh my! Even though the would-be blockbuster “Burlesque” turned out to be a big fat flop, that doesn’t mean this form of old-school risque entertainment can’t be a good time. Au contraire. These teasy and sometimes sleazy shows are a throwback to a bygone era of backroom speakeasies, sultry jazz music, and scantily dressed girls in fishnet stockings. Here are a few places for burlesque action in Los Angeles.
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Best Breakfast in LA

Best Breakfast in LA

Ah, breakfast. The most important meal of the day. Whether you’re in the mood for the most incredible, life-changing, must-be-5-million-calories French toast that’s bigger than your head, or deliciously spicy huevos rancheros that come with spectacular views of the Pacific, we’re dishing on the best breakfast places around Los Angeles.
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The Leftover Cuties Video

Listen Up: Leftover Cuties

Imagine Billie Holiday playing ukulele under a palm-thatched hut in 1930s Waikiki and you have the Leftover Cuties:  a fun mix of sultry crooning (thanks to singer Shirli McAllen and her cherry-red lips), sweet melodies and retro jazzy glam.
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