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My Dad died: Memories at Thanksgiving

My Dad Died: A Daughter’s Reflections Nearly Two Years Later

It's hard to believe it's been almost two years since my Dad died. But he really isn't dead to me. His body is gone, his voice is gone, his phone calls are gone, but the man who was my Dad is still very much alive in my heart and mind. The initial shock and emotional fog of my Dad's death have subsided, but grieving is a journey that I'm continually working my way through — and there is no finish line. 
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Donna Jean vegan food

Vegan Eats: Donna Jean Coming to Studio City

When you're looking for a comforting homemade meal that you don't have to cook yourself, Donna Jean is just the place to go. After doing a little online research for vegan options in the San Diego area, I soon realized that Donna Jean was a must-try spot. Better still, Donna Jean is heading to LA—Studio City, to be exact—in late 2019.
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Double Zero Venice

Vegan Eats: Double Zero Venice

If the thought of artisanal-style, plant-based, wood-fired pizza makes you giddy with glee, then you'll understand the excitement my husband and I felt when we headed over to Double Zero in Venice on opening night. Our expectations were fairly high since this place is part of Matthew Kenney's growing food empire. I'm already a fan of Plant Food + Wine, so I figured it would have to rock. But did it?
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Mar Yvette + Lisa Vanderpump at the opening of Tom Tom in West Hollywood

Lisa Vanderpump’s Tom Tom West Hollywood Does Vegan

Even if you don't obsess over the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," chances are you still know Lisa Vanderpump. I was invited to the Friends & Family Night on the eve of her latest restaurant opening for Tom Tom in West Hollywood. It was a fantastically fun time and I loved the space's romantic-industrial steampunk vibe. Best of all, I soon realized that practically half the menu is vegan! Finally, a restaurant that also keeps us non-meat eaters in mind.
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Mar Yvette at Moro Rock in Sequoia Naitonal Park

Disrupt Aging: Why Getting Older Doesn’t Suck

So you’re getting older, huh? So am I. Whether you’re in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond, the reality is that we all are getting older. I think the real question is: Are we getting old? Much like those four-letter words we were taught to avoid as kids, “old” is a three-letter word that is loaded with so many negative connotations that it puts some of those four-letter words to shame. The thing is, getting older is not what you think.
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Getting ready for my test drive in the 2019 Infiniti QX50

Test Drive: Two Days in LA with the 2019 Infiniti QX50

I was recently invited to Infiniti's Global Media Drive to be among the first to drive the all-new 2019 Infiniti QX50 while having the ultimate LA driving experience. The premium mid-size SUV was making its world debut and I would be among the first fortunate few to get in the driver's seat. (Yes, being a member of the media has its privileges.) Needless to say, it was a driving affair to remember.
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My beloved Dad on my wedding day

I Love You, Dad. A Tribute to My Father.

My Dad passed away this week. I cannot believe I am writing this. I knew it would come one day, just not so soon. But rather than focus on the pain and the profound void, I choose to celebrate my father and what he meant to me and all those who met him. While I hope you never have to experience such a life-altering loss, the truth is, we all will. And the truth is, once you do, you can grow and be stronger more than you ever thought possible.
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Feasting at The Henry in West Hollywood

The Henry in West Hollywood Opens

It looks like Robertson Boulevard is finally getting some life back! The Henry is a welcome (and welcoming) all-day addition to the famed shopping stretch. Located on the ground floor of the Robertson Building across the street from The Ivy (remember that place?), The Henry is luxe yet laidback, lush and absolutely lovely. Oh, and it's huge! Do yourself a favor and go check this place out for yourself. But first, read on for a sneak peek...
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Crustacean Beverly Hills Reopens

Hello, gorgeous! Long a celebrity favorite, Crustacean Beverly Hills has finally reopened after its nearly one-year remodel and it was certainly worth the wait. The stunning new space is a study in understated elegance. And, with new vegan options like a hearts of palm "crab cake," kung pao eggplant and more, the menu has been updated as well to better serve all palates. (Yes, those famed garlic noodles are now offered in vegan and gluten-free versions!)
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Mar Yvette at the Lancome global launch of Write Her Future

Lancome’s #WriteHerFuture Campaign

It was a beautiful way to kick off International Women's Day (and National Women's History Month) at the global launch of the Lancôme #WriteHerFuture campaign. This partnership provides funds to raise awareness about female illiteracy and help diminish its prevalence. I had no idea that 35 million people read below a third grade level in the US, so this isn't just a problem in developing countries, it's happening right here at home.
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Just lounging by the fountain on Rodeo Drive

Happy Holidays on Rodeo Drive

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ... on Rodeo Drive. This iconic shopping stretch in Beverly Hills is always a top destination for tourists, but LA locals like me can't resist the festive scene during the holidays. I recently spent a Saturday afternoon strolling this famed street to get into the holiday spirit in true 90210 style.
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What It’s Really Like to Do Zoom Whitening

I've had the good fortune of having fairly white teeth most of my life, but like most people, I've always wanted them to be whiter. So I finally -- after many, many years -- decided to do it despite all the horror stories I had read online and heard about in person. (Shooting gum pain, what?!)
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Mar Yvette interviews pop star Becky G

Pop Star Becky G on Fame, Fortune & Family

She’s still a teenager, but success has been a long time coming for Rebbeca Marie Gomez, better known by her stage name Becky G. Discovered on YouTube for her J.Lo impersonating music videos, the self-proclaimed Latina "firecracker" is now a TV and movie star on the rise.
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Mar Yvette & Danny Trejo at Trejo's Tacos in Los Angeles

Danny Trejo Does Vegan Tacos

He’s made a career out of being the guy you don’t want to mess with in movies such as "Machete,” “Desperado” and "From Dusk till Dawn." But actor Danny Trejo is sharpening his knives away from the silver screen and taking them into the kitchen. I sat down with the amazingly fun and down-to-earth talent to talk tacos, tofu and the power of transformative thinking.
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Facebook Live Pajama Party!

Yep, that's right... Marcie and I spent Friday night chilling out on Facebook Live talking about everything from the OJ trial to first-job woes to singing along with everyone's most embarrassing favorite 80s songs for our random Homegirl Talk hangout. Stay tuned for more regularly scheduled chats coming in 2018!
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A picnic in the park for the holiday season

An Encore Performance for the Holidays

It’s not always easy to avoid stress this time of year. (There’s a reason it’s called the holidaze!) Amid all the shopping and celebrations, deadlines and meetings, events and appointments, end-of-the-year wrap-ups and New Year planning, it’s more important than ever to be thoughtful, stay centered and not lose sight of the real reason for the season -- faith, family, friends and helping those in need.
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Gina Rodriguez as Jane the Virgin

Gina Rodriguez on Being Latina in Hollywood

Ever since her breakout performance as a hard-hitting East LA rapper in 2012’s "Filly Brown," Gina Rodriguez has steadily risen as one of Hollywood’s hottest and most refreshingly honest stars. I spoke with Rodriguez about her stance on changing the industry’s standard of beauty and the importance of taking roles that positively represent Latinos.
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Extra with Tracey Edmonds and Mar Yvette

Brazilian Beauty Buys on Extra!

I'm baaaack! I stopped by Extra to showcase deals from Sol De Janeiro, a new beauty line that captures the spirit of Brazil with products to help you shake your bum bum! It was a great time meeting Tracy Edmonds, who was so uber-glam I never would've guessed she's originally from Carson, CA! #Homegirls unite!
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Good Times with Vaud & the Villains

My favorite 19-piece, 1930s-style New Orleans orchestra and cabaret are back to sashay, shimmy, swagger, swing and sing ... and I'm joining the band! (Well, at least as a distant background dancer.) Vaud and the Villains are a melting pot of Moulin Rouge sultriness and American noir grit and glam, so believe me when I say it's a visual and aural feast you won't soon forget!
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Ballin’ with “The Professor” & Wild Animals

It was a fun time hanging with YouTube basketball superstar "The Professor" to talk about the game (and how he got 100+ million followers!) but even he couldn't compete with Kingston the squirrel monkey. With the recent tragic killing of Cecil the lion, it's more important than ever to conserve wildlife.
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Syncopated Ladies & the Nail Truck

Hey, ladiesssss!!! It's time to get tappy because the Syncopated Ladies, my favorite all-female tap crew (and last year's winners from “So You Think You Can Dance") are part of the new movie Tap World, an inspiring documentary that shows how dance changes lives for people around the world. The movie opens on Friday, August 7 at the Nuart Theatre in LA.
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Collabro Makes it to LA

What do you get when you put five British boys in skinny suits and ask them sing live without any help from instruments? An AMAZE performance if it's Collabro! The winners of "Britain's Got Talent" were in the States for the first time, so of course I had to get them on Good Day LA. We were all mesmerized by their voices, but they were excited just to go sight-seeing in LA.
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Cool Cars with Gilles Marini

I didn't even have to ask Gilles Marini to pucker up for the camera. This guy knows what ladies like and he also knows what men like--cars! He's a bit of a collector, so he and Barry Weiss from “Storage Wars" talked with me about cars including the 1955 Ford “Beatnik Bubbletop" which looks like it's straight out of the Jetsons!
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