Mar Yvette is an experienced on-air host, lifestyle expert and writer.
On-air host, lifestyle expert, writer and editor Mar Yvette wants to help you make every moment pop! She’s serious about having fun and wants to bring you the best places, products and people to enjoy a life well lived.

An editorial creative with 10+ years of experience working with some of the world’s most recognized media companies, Mar thrives in fast-paced, constantly changing environmentsfrom live television studios and newsrooms to deadline-driven online and print publications. Not that everything always turns out perfectly … she’s been spoofed a few times on national TV by Joel McHale and unnecessarily censored by Jimmy Kimmel.

For more than six years, she was a lifestyle reporter on KTTV FOX 11 and host of the “Marpop Weekend Roundup” on Good Day LA, a one-of-a-kind party featuring her latest food finds, live music, celebrity guests, plus fashion, beauty, travel and fitness tips.

Mar also co-hosted the popular “Love It, Buy It!” segment on E! News with Giuliana Rancic, offering limited-time discounts on designer fashions, accessories, beauty products and gifts.

Mar Yvette with Danny Trejo at Trejo's Tacos

Taco time with Danny Trejo

Currently, Mar is a West Coast correspondent for Fox News Latino, an editorial contributor to Playboy as well as a lifestyle expert on radio and TV shows such as Extra.  She is the founder of Homegirl Talk, a female-oriented, conversation-driven social site that celebrates “keeping it real.” She regularly hosts live events and has emceed the Concern Foundation Annual Block Party at Paramount Studios, Taste of the Nation, Hollywood Carnival Parade, “Living in the Age of Airplanes” Movie Premiere with Emirates Airline and the Latin Business Association Awards among others.

Her editorial expertise ranges from print to online, hyper-local to international. For four years she was the senior editor of Citysearch, a national guide with 10+ million monthly users, where she managed a team of writers and covered the latest news and trends in dining, nightlife, fashion and entertainment. She was also a featured writer on Huffington Post. Prior to that, she was the associate editor of Clear Magazine, a luxury fashion and design magazine, as well as a copywriter for clients including GQ, Rolling Stone and Time. Mar began her career as a music and pop culture writer for magazines including Black Book, Style, Nylon, Intersection, Soma, Planet, Alternative Press, Filter, Mean Street, Metro Times, Urban Latino and Latina.

As a Latina born and raised in the working class suburbs of southeast LA, Mar knows the importance of family, hard work and giving back. She is a passionate animal and environmental advocate who volunteers with various charities and she is active in promoting and celebrating Latino and multicultural communities.

When she’s not out sharing her latest discoveries, she can be found eating tacos, playing with pit bulls or watching reruns of “Three’s Company.” Sometimes all at once.

:::: MARPOP FAQ ::::

Mar Yvette with the Reptile Zoo creatures

Say hello to my little friends

As a foodie, what’s your favorite restaurant in LA?

Since converting to a plant-based diet in 2014, I mostly visit vegan restaurants. That said, many non-vegan restaurants often make the best vegan dishes! Crossroads in West Hollywood is my favorite. Their weekend brunch is AMAZE (best blueberry pancakes anywhere, vegan or not) and you can’t go there without having the creamy Caesar salad, crispy “chicken” sandwich and hearty Bolognese tagliatelle. I also absolutely love Plant Food & Wine in Venice (the cashew raclette is to live for and they have such a pretty patio!) and Vegetable in Studio City has some of the most satisfying guilt-free comfort food even meat-eaters will love. And let’s not forget Little Pine in Silver Lake where Moby donates 100% of the profits to animal charities. As for my favorite non-vegan, old-school restaurant in LA, it has to be Carousel in Hollywood’s Little Armenia. (Not the one in Glendale — it’s too sceney.) The menu calls it authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. I call it delicious grandma food … if your grandma is Lebanese Armenian. I’ve yet to find better muhumarra or cabbage salad anywhere.

Favorite food?
Tacos. Hard shell. I could eat tacos all day every day. Ironically, I don’t have a favorite Mexican restaurant.

Favorite part of LA?
My family, the weather, the natural beauty, the excitement, the energy! I love the feeling that you never know who you’re going to meet next or what’s around the corner. Our sprawling city has so many neighborhoods and so many different ethnic flavors. Los Angeles is about discovery and that is at the heart of what I do.

What’s your ethnic background? What kind of name is Mar Yvette?
Mexican American. Mar Yvette is a truncated version of my first and middle name.

You’re a lifestyle expert. What does that exactly mean?
Giving people ideas on where to eat, have fun and make the most of their time and hard-earned money is what I do. I started out as a music journalist interviewing rock bands and then gradually expanded to write about travel, art, design, fashion, beauty, and pretty much the whole ‘lifestyle’ category. Writing about these subjects for magazines and websites eventually led to on-air opportunities where it all translated into becoming a “lifestyle expert.” I’m especially interested in clean, eco-friendly living whether it’s the makeup and bath & body products I buy, the food I eat, the clothes I wear or the sheets I put on my bed. Whether it’s learning a language, playing an instrument or exploring new places, when you immerse yourself in something, you can’t help but get better at it.

Mar Yvette with George Lopez

All shook up with Elvises and George Lopez

Who’s been your favorite person to interview or place to visit?
Too many to remember! I always say that the next person and place is my favorite. Everything I’ve done up until now is one big fabulous blur.

How do you find all the people, places, products and events you write about or feature on air?
I’m constantly scouring the web (everything from mainstream and niche sites to social media networks), having conversations with friends, family and colleagues, meeting new people, reading magazines, reviewing pitches from publicists, watching TV, listening to the radio, and, of course, going out and getting firsthand experiences. You never know what will spark an idea. My work is my pleasure and virtually ANYTHING can become a story.

On set with Cesar Millan and Mar Yvette

On set with the dogtastic Cesar Millan

Guilty pleasures?
Anything sweet and carby. I love donuts and vegan ice cream and cake and cookies and pies. Online shopping. Lifetime movies. Bad 80s pop music. Dateline. 48 Hours. Late-night binge-watching Golden Girls, HSN and QVC.

Favorite pastimes?
Facebooking, Tweeting, Googling, Wikiing.

Can’t get enough of …
Woof woofs, unicorns, street art and classic literature.

What makes your life pop more than anything else?
Having love and always, always, always being grateful no matter what the day brings!