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Julia Roberts enjoying pizza - Photo courtesy of Sony

10 Best Places Where Celebrities Eat in LA

Contrary to popular belief, celebrities do eat. And they like to eat well. That often means multi-course meals at swanky steakhouses like BOA, Morton's and Mastro's, not to mention sceney standards like Spago, Nobu and Mr Chow. But here are some of the other places to see celebrities getting their grub on.
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Marilyn Monroe’s Los Angeles

Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926 and passed away on August 5, 1962 at the age of 36. Though she's been gone more than five decades, she remains one of the most famous celebrities of all time. From her humble beginnings at an orphanage as Norma Jean Mortenson to her rise to stardom as the immortal Marilyn Monroe, here are 10 places to retrace her steps and experience Marilyn Monroe’s Los Angeles.
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Elvis Presley in Los Angeles: Where to Retrace His Steps

Ready to retrace the steps of your favorite hunka hunka burnin' love? Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935 and passed away at just 42 years old on August 16, 1977. It was a shocking loss not only in the music universe, but for the world at large, yet the King lives on. You can still visit those places in LA where you would've seen the King of Rock & Roll way back when ... and a few where you can honor his memory today.
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Maple Sap Seltzer - Best Vegan Maple Snacks

Forget Pumpkin Spice, Maple is Having a Moment

Love it or hate it, pumpkin spice has become a flavor that’s synonymous with fall – especially the ubiquitous Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, which isn’t vegan and doesn’t even have real pumpkin! But there’s another flavor in the spotlight: Maple. Not just for pancakes anymore, maple is having a moment and there’s no time better than fall to enjoy this soothing sweet flavor.
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Best Vegan Beauty & Body Products

Looking for cruelty-free beauty that actually works? The ugly truth is that many makeup and beauty brands still test on animals and/or use animal products. But if it’s not safe enough to test on humans, then it shouldn’t be used by humans! Not every product on this list is 100% organic, but you can rest assured that they are cruelty-free.
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La La Land traffic scene

15 Must-See Movies That Take Place in Los Angeles

While there could never be just one film to fully sum up the experience of my beloved hometown of Los Angeles, there are certain movies that capture a timeless piece of it. Here are my top 15 movies that each have their own way of showcasing the many sides of LA in all its imperfect, beautiful, contradictory, glamorous, gritty, heartbreaking, hilarious, limitless glory.
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Where to find cotton candy in LA

Get Spun: Cotton Candy in LA

Cotton candy, fairy floss, fluffy stuff. Whatever you call it, the spun sugary treat conjures images of summertime carnivals and county fairs. But wait... this sweet snack is so popular it has its own holiday right in the midst of the holiday season on December 7. Find out where to get your fill of the frilly fun across Los Angeles.
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Mar Yvette on the Inn at Mt Ada in Catalina Island

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Catalina Island

Ready for an island getaway? The holiday season is the perfect time for a Catalina Island escape with fewer crowds, cooler weather (the better to cozy up with that special someone) and beautiful decorations all around. Even though it's just 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, this gem of the Pacific feels like a world away.
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5 Skinny Summer Cocktails

Want the skinny on the best summer cocktails that won't have you busting out of your swimsuit this season? From fruity concoctions that'll keep you cool to a spicy spirit that will heat things up, here are five tasty cocktails that go perfectly with the easy-breezy weather and weigh in at 150 calories or less.
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Hanging out at the saltwater jacuzzi at Miramonte Resort & Spa

8 Hotel Spas Worth the Splurge

Whether you need to de-stress from the pressures of everyday life or just want to treat yourself to a little pampering, there’s nothing like checking into a fab hotel spa for some rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. From an urban oasis in Downtown LA to a soothing oceanside retreat, these SoCal hotel spas are worth a trip.
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Ghost Town: LA’s Top Haunted Places

Unlike most people I know, visiting places or watching movies with the sole purpose of being scared is not what I consider a good time. (Yes, I'm a bit of a scaredy cat.) But I am fascinated by the idea of haunted places. So in that spirit, here's a list of "authentically haunted" places around LA to visit for a scary good time.
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Best Donuts in Los Angeles

We hear about random food holidays all the time, but did you know that National Donut Day was actually started by the Salvation Army during WWI?? Celebrated annually on the first Friday of June, this holey-day honors the women who first served the sweet treats to our armed forces. Read on to find out where to get the best donuts in LA.
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Weekend Getaway: Laguna Beach

If you’re looking for a charming coastal destination, it doesn’t get better than Laguna Beach. By far my favorite getaway in Southern California, Laguna Beach is a seven-mile stretch of surf and sand with a laidback vibe, beautiful beaches, and a thriving art and culture scene that feels more like a charming European beach town than a city located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego.
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Cheap Frills: Affordable Lingerie

Valentine’s Day is here, and you know what that means. It's time to treat yourself to a sexy piece of lingerie even if you're the only one admiring it. The thing is, most specialty lingerie stores are so expensive they end up being totally worthless for the everyday person. Read on for your best bets on affordable frilly underthings.
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Mardi Gras & Carnival in Los Angeles

Not heading to New Orleans or Rio to celebrate Mardi Gras and Carnival this year? No problem. There are plenty of places right here in Los Angeles where you can celebrate Fat Tuesday on February 9. Whether you’re religious, hedonistic or a little of both, this is the time to get your grub on and let the good times roll!
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13 Reasons to Visit Boo at the LA Zoo

It was hard to believe that the last time I visited the LA Zoo, I was probably around seven years old, the same age as my niece. So when I learned about Boo at the LA Zoo, I knew a trip to this landmark was in order. We loved getting to see so many wonderful animals up close and I enjoyed getting to experience it with the excitement of a child. Here are some of our fave moments.
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James Dean in Los Angeles

James Dean died on September 30, 1955. He was driving his new Porsche Spyder from Hollywood up to Salinas for a car race when he was killed in a crash. He was just 24 years old. Here's my list of places he frequented while living here in Los Angeles. A lot has changed since then, but the legacy of James Dean live on.
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The Best Vegan S’mores

National S'mores Day is August 10 but there's no reason you can't celebrate any day of the year ... even if you're vegan! All you need are three ingredients: Chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. But if you want to break from the traditional campfire version you can have that, too. Here are my fave ooey gooey chocolatey favorites.
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The 5 Easiest Ways to Enjoy Watermelon

Ah, watermelon. Aside from longer days and warmer weather, it's my favorite part of the summer season. There's almost nothing better than biting into a fresh cold piece of watermelon, but sometimes it's fun to mix it up. But who has time for time-consuming recipes that require 20 ingredients you don't even have in your fridge? Here are five ways to enjoy watermelon without doing much at all.
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My Top Summer Essentials

Hot days, cool nights and time for a vacay or two. Summer has arrived and with it comes the burning question: What do I need to get through the season? From my favorite skin-saving products to must-have fashion and accessories, here are my top picks to make sure you have it made in the shade all summer long.
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My Top 5 Best Beauty Secrets

As a lifestyle expert, I’m always asked for my advice on the best beauty products, the latest fashion finds or which restaurant I recommend. But one of the areas where I've been most challenged is in the skin department. My skin is sensitive and can be quite moody. But there is a little silver lining thanks to a few changes I've made along the way.
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5 Healthy Drinks That Aren’t Water

We all know water is the best stuff for us to drink. Without it we die. But even if you drink at least eight full glasses every day, sometimes you feel like drinking something else that’s still good for you. Sugary, artificial drinks are not an option if you care about your health, so here are five of my favorites that are high on flavor without any of the bad stuff.
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A Legendary Night with John Legend

What do you do when you’re invited to spend an evening at a sprawling ranch outside of LA amid a gorgeous setting with deliciously prepared food, hot air balloon rides and a private concert by none other than nine-time Grammy winner John Legend? Ummm… you go!
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Bridal Guide to Beauty & Fitness

Getting married? Not to worry, girlfriend. As a new bride myself, I know how stressful it can get no matter how laidback and simple you want your wedding to be. But now that I’ve been through the experience (it was so wonderful I wish I could do it all over again!), I have some tips on the products, places and people that will help you look and feel your best on your big day.
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