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Ask Mar: Where to Eat in Whittier

As someone who’s always out and about, I’m constantly asked to name my favorite restaurants, the hottest of-the-moment spot or what places an out-of-town friend should not miss. I was recently asked about where to eat in Whittier, a city that’s somewhat familiar to me since many of my family members live there. Read on for my expanded answers.


hey marpop!
i have a quick question. what’s your favorite place to eat in the whittier area? i’m starved!



Phlight – for delish spanish tapas, go here. been a few times & the food is really good, sorta sophisticated scene, wine bar. (i’ve even had them on my TV segment.) plus it’s in uptown whittier, which i think is just so cute & charming – very small-town neighborhood vibe.

Seta – another place i’ve had on the show–chef hugo is so nice! very subdued, modern-looking steakhouse, pretty much everybody in whittier knows about it. food is gorgeous and tasty. also has outdoor seating & weekend brunch.

Bottle Room – i actually haven’t eaten here, but just a week ago i passed by on a friday night (on my way to getting fro-yo @ frugos on whittier blvd!) and the place was JAMMED!!! the chef is tony alcazar who was @ the ritz pasadena. think american bistro fare and lotsa wine & craft beer – this is the kinda place you’d expect in hollywood or downtown la, so i def wanna go back & ck it out.

Moctezuma Family Restaurant- total hidden spot! my dad brought us here for breakfast. lotsa mexican entrees, including menudo on weeekends (which my mom says is tasty) and classic american breakfast (i recommend that.) enchiladas suizas are ok but i would do cheese next time (not a fan of cubed chicken). the place is huge & has a little makeshift tea house, kinda funny. hope they stay in business cos the staff is SO NICE and the only way you’d find it is if you were shopping next door at the HUMONGOUS King Richard’s antique shop. (the largest in CA–now that place is worth a visit!)

Village Sweets – it’s not a restaurant, but i’m a total sweet tooth, so i would go here after dinner.  i love all the old-fashioned candy they have. totally cute shop, looks like ‘little house on the prairie’ meets willy wonka. plus they have tons of different candy apples.

hope this helps!


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