5 Skinny Summer Cocktails

Want the skinny on the best summer cocktails that won’t have you busting out of your swimsuit this season? (Yes, it is possible to drink up and still slim down.) From fruity concoctions that’ll keep you cool to a spicy spirit that is sure to heat things up, here are five tasty cocktails that go perfectly with the easy-breezy weather and weigh in at 150 calories or less. Cheers!

Coco Light Martini – 150 Calories
1.5 oz Ciroc Coconut
1.5 oz coconut water
1 oz pineapple juice
.25 oz lime juice

Circoc Coconut Light MartiniCoconut water is super hydrating. Alcohol is not. So I like to think that the two balance each other out in this easy summer drink. Simply fill a shaker with ice, add all ingredients, shake and strain into a martini glass and garnish with a lime wheel. It’s Ciroc-ilicious!

Watermelon Fizz – 100 Calories
1 oz tequila or gin
3 oz watermelon
.1 oz agave syrup
.1 oz soda water
4 mint leaves
Squeeze of lime

Watermelon Fizz cocktailWatermelon is one of my favorite fruits of the season and this low-cal cocktail has plenty of it. Muddle watermelon and mint, add ice, agave and liquor. Shake vigorously and pour all contents into a glass (or as shown here, Mason jars – so cute!). Garnish with cut pieces of watermelon and voila! Summer in a glass.

Sofia Coppola Sparkling Wine – 123 Calories
1 glass of bubbly
Twist of lime or garnish of your choice
Forget recipes! Just pour yourself a glass of the deliciously light and subtly sweet sparkly Sofia Coppola Blanc de Blancs white wine and relaaaaax. The calories are low, the chic factor is high and it’s perfect for summer!

Shochu Cosmo – 70 Calories
1.5 oz shochu
.1 oz cranberry juice
.1 oz lime juice
.1 orange juice
Low-Cal CosmoCut your Cosmo calories in half by replacing the vodka with shochu (or shoju), a Japanese spirit that has about 35 calories per two-ounce serving. Mix all ingredients, strain through a martini shaker and garnish with a twist of citrus. I wonder if Carrie and the girls knew this trick and that’s how they all stayed so thin!

Summer Spice – 150 Calories
1.5 oz Ciroc Red Berry
1 oz lime juice
.5 oz simple syrup
5 basil leaves
1 piece of jalapeno
3 dashes celery bitters
CÎROC Summer SpiceThis flavorful and refreshing drink will keep you cool all season long without all the calories. Muddle basil, jalapeno and celery bitters. Add simple syrup, lime juice and Ciroc with ice and give a long hard shake. Double strain into an old fashion glass with ice and garnish with basil leaf. Yum!



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  1. Gloria D at 11:11 pm

    Trying all of these skinny summer cocktails! thank you once again for the fabulous summer cocktail ideas!

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