5 Easy Winter Accessories You’ll Love

Accessories are necessities. After all, an outfit isn’t complete without at least one. But rather than loading up on all sorts of trendy pieces that’ll lose their luster by next fall and winter, focus on a handful of key accessories that will last you well beyond a season or two. I promise you’ll look fab and you won’t have to spend a fortune.

A great pair of gloves.
Mar Yvette in leather gloves
I love, love, love gloves! I have cotton pairs, leather pairs, knit pairs, suede pairs, fingerless pairs, even ruffled pairs. Not only do gloves add major fash value to your overall look, but with the colder weather they also protect your hands from getting chapped and help preserve your pretty little mani. Black and neutrals like navy, grey, chocolate and moss green are the most versatile, so go for those first.

BUY: One of my favorite pairs of gloves are from Isotoner – they have chic suede detailing over sleek spandex that makes them so nice and stretchy. You can find similar pairs here and at stores like Target and TJ Maxx for around $20.

A cozy scarf.
Marpop in a scarfA scarf is one of the quickest and easiest ways to change up your look. Yes, I love my ultra-luxe cashmere Barbara Bui scarf, but some of my favorite scarves have been the $10 pashmina knockoffs I’ve picked up at airport shops (like the one I’m wearing in the photo) … anything goes as long as it’s comfy and doesn’t look all usado. Know what I’m saying?

BUY: A great scarf can be found practically anywhere – Gap, Forever 21, kiosks at the mall and airport. Oh, and street vendors. Tu sabes.

A delicate bracelet. Or two.
Stacking bracelets - Photo by Mar YvetteA big trend thing this season is statement jewelry. That usually translates into some big, chunky necklace or clingy-clangy charm bracelets that are way too bulky to be functional. But you can take it more literally … as in pieces that make a real statement like Nalukai’s malachite “Believe”bracelet (lovezzz!) or Laurel Denise’s etched-leather straps. The key is to pick daintier pieces so the look is cute and chic, not cluttered.

BUY: At $275, Nalukai’s handcrafted bead bracelets aren’t cheap, but it’s an investment you’ll love forever. The Laurel Denise leather bracelet is a steal at just $23!

Statement sunglasses.
Mar Yvette in the snow
Colder weather has arrived but that doesn’t mean it’s time to pack away your sunglasses. Whether you’re out shopping or hitting the slopes (yes, that’s me snow bunnying working in Big Bear), keeping your eyes protected from harmful UV rays is a must. After all, snow reflects nearly 80% of the sun’s rays where beach sand reflects just 15%. Just make sure the pair you get are right for your face shape — check out Oprah’s detailed expert tips on the subject.

BUY: The classic navigator style from John Varvatos I’m sporting in the photo above look good on just about any face shape (whether you’re a guy or a girl) and the shades from LA brand Ivory Mason are among my absolute faves — they also have the best “reading” (aka fashion) glasses, which make a statement any time of year.

A fully functional yet fashionable bag.
My new favorite carryall from J Crew - Photo by Mar YvetteForm and function. Style and substance. Those two things must go hand in hand (so to speak) when it comes to picking the right handbag. For me, that meant this J. Crew tote. I just love the colors (camel and navy are classic while the almost-fluorescent orange straps give it an unexpected twist) and there aren’t any gratuitous design elements that’ll make it look dated two seasons from now. But none of that would matter if the bag didn’t address my needs. Namely, it had to be sturdy, have plenty of compartments, plus enough space to fit my laptop, magazines and wallet. Mini bags are having their moment right now, but unless that’s gonna be your everyday bag, buy a purse that will actually work as much as it will werrrrrk. Get it? Good. Now go get it!

BUY: This particular J.Crew leather tote is no longer available (I got it on sale!), but Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Banana Republic and Overstock.com are tried-and-true sources.

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