History of Black Dance in America

Black Dance in America

February is Black History Month and to honor the occasion the Central Avenue Dance Ensemble has created a two-hour multimedia dance experience called “The History of Black Dance in America” that brings to life African and African-American inspired dances that have been in the US from the 1800s to today.

From the Cakewalk and Charleston to the Lindy Hop and Foxtrot, these dances are recognized as an integral part of American culture, yet many Americans aren’t aware of their history. For example, did you know the Cakewalk began as a plantation dance by slaves who were mimicking high society white people? The dance was so amusing that plantation owners held competitions, and the winning slaves would receive cake as their prize.  This story and many more will be told through the show’s live performances and narrated video.

Saturday, February 12 @ Crozier Visual and Performing Arts Theater, 7:30 pm. Tickets $20, Preferred Seating $25, Seniors and Students $15.

More info: www.historyofblackdance.org

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