Mar Yvette #DanceFluting on The Soup

Dance Fluting on The Soup

OOOOOMMMMGGGGGGG I HAVE OFFICIALLY ARRIVED!!!!! I was spoofed on the latest episode of  “The Soup” on E! thanks to my recent visit to the Colburn School of Music in Downtown LA. Who knew that my plans for a high-brow excursion to this renowned institution would end up as fodder for one of my favorite shows of all time??!!

Of course, none of this would’ve been possible if it weren’t for the fabulous Riria Niimura, the 18-year-old dancer/flutist/fashion designer from Japan who, upon my arrival, mentioned that in addition to being able to play Chopin and all the other classical greats by ear, she is a huge Lady Gaga fan. And with that, I asked her the fateful question: Can you play any Gaga?

To which she replied: “Yes! And I can break dance while I do it!”

TV gold.

Fast forward a week and I’ve got Joel McHale calling me an a**hole (with love, of course) on national TV!!! Who could ask for anything more? Oh, that’s right. I could. So here it is: My segment also got its own hashtag on “The Soup”… #DanceFluting! I am now a part of pop culture history. HILAREZ! RIDONKZ! LOVEZ!!!

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