My Day with Dick Van Dyke, Giant Reptiles & NoH8!

It was so fun being a celebrity for a day when the founders of the NoH8 Campaign took my pic to help the fight for equal human rights. The best part was that after the show, Dick Van Dyke came outside to have his photo taken. He was sooo nice and I even sang a little bit of “Chim Chiminey” and told him how much I love him in Mary Poppins!! (He probably thought I was cray, but he just smiled and laughed and thanked me.)

I also brought back my friends from the Reptile Zoo and as always, they brought the BIG boys with a GIANT snapping turtle that is over 120 YEARS OLD, a jumbo poisonous Cane Toad and a big American Alligator. I’m thinking about having my birthday party there this year … would definitely be a wild one to remember and I’d be the youngest one there 😉

xo -m

WATCH IT ALL HERE: Marpop Weekend Roundup

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