E! News: Love It, Buy It – Red Carpet Glamour

Awards Season is in full swing and you know what that means: It’s time to go for the glam! And thanks to this week’s “Love It Buy It” you can nab some fun beauty and fashion finds up to 83% OFF retail! Giuliana and I love the magnetic Monique Leshman gemstone cuff bracelets for $39 (obsessed with the tiger’s eye!), adorable initial stud earrings four-pack for just $22 (WHAT?!!) and Appeal Cosmetics 100% mink eyelash two-pair combo for just $28!!! (FYI it was my first time wearing mink lashes and the important thing I learned is that no animals are harmed in making them — they’re made by brushing the fur off the live animal. Kinda weird, but as long as the animals are fine. Who knew?!) Oh, and as for my straight-hair-don’t-care look, you have to get your hands on the Eva NYC hair straightener with titanium plates – we have this sporty little number for just $25!!!

Visit www.loveitbuyit.tv to see what else you missed before it all sells out!

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