Flying High with Drones & Abstrakto’s Asdru Sierra and Balthazar Getty

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a drone! After making their first-ever live TV HD drone transmission on my segment last fall, I invited the guys from Ctrl.Me to come back with even more incredible drones to ooh and ahh over. It’s pretty fun getting up close to these cutting-edge creations … kinda feels like the wild, wild west of the future.

Speaking of wild, it was awesome to have Abstrakto make their TV debut on my “Marpop Weekend Roundup.” This new electro-Latin project comes from Grammy-winning/Ozomatli member Asdru Sierra and actor Balthazar Getty. These guys ROCKED the studio! It felt like we had a front row seat to a state-of-the-art concert replete with cool graphics, light show and all! Make sure to check these guys out – I have their CD in my car and I love it!

Watch the Video: Marpop Weekend Roundup

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