BLT popovers

Get Your Steak On…

…for a helluva lot less than you normally would. BLT Steak, that swankiest of swanky steakhouses, is celebrating its birth date on March 3, and you get the gift. For one day only, BLT Steak’s famous filets, rib eye and New York strip steaks, Dover sole (the fish alone is $50!), and blackboard main courses will be priced at $33.04 representing BLT Steak’s first restaurant opening in New York on March 3, 2004. Sides like Jalapeño Mashed Potatoes, Creamy Spinach and Hen of the Woods mushrooms that normally range from $8-$10 will be $3.03 as well as those fabulous desserts like the peanut butter chocolate mousse with banana ice cream. Aaaaaand…signature cocktails, regularly $14-$15, will also be $3.03.

As for those famous life-changing popovers, those are, as always, free.

Thursday, March 3rd @ all BLT Steak and BLT Prime locations in the US.

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