Hot New Pick: Barton G

Hot New Pick: Barton G

It’s been open for about a month and already Barton G is making quite a scene here in LA. Originally opened in Miami, this new culinary import is all about having fun with your food thanks to completely unexpected over-the-top presentations. Nothing is what it seems to be. Think of it as cirque cuisine, dinner as theatre. Amazingly, the food tastes as wacky good as it looks and the drinks are amaze! Of all the hundreds of restaurants I’ve visited, I think this is the only one where people actually get out of their seats and take pictures of other people’s meals and it’s totally OK, expected even! It’s social dining at its best.
Barton G napkin - Photo by Mar YvetteIt all starts with the napkin. That looks like a folded shirt.

Bread donuts at Barton G, please!One thing you learn very quickly at Barton G: Things aren’t always what they seem. Those aren’t donuts. It’s the bread tray. The green one is basil, the yellow one is cheese, the brown one is … you get the idea.

The bar at Barton G in West HollywoodThe bar is made out of a giant slab of rose quartz. This is where the cocktail magic happens. Here, they make things like watermelon shrubs … it’s like liqueur, only much more involved.

Barton G's Buddhalicious - Photo by Mar YvetteThe delicious Buddhalicious with pear-infused vodka, lychee and cranberry juice comes with a big stick — aka nitrogenized vodka popsicle. It’s like getting twice the alcohol in one drink. You’ll be zenned out in no time.

Barton G's Sabrinatini - Photo by Mar YvetteMy favorite cocktail, the Sabrina-tini, is an exclusive to LA. Apparently Barton G. (the man from whom the restaurant gets its name) had a monkey named Sabrina. So this is his ode to his chimp. And let me just say … never mind the champagne liquid nitrogen popsicle. I went ape for that chocolate monkey. So good!

Smokin'!!! Barton G's shrimp rollsThose aren’t sesame-coated corn stalks. Those are shrimp rolls served over dry ice. Not liquid nitrogen. Dry ice.

Rake & Ho Salad @ Barton GQuinoa and mixed greens salad. This is an LA exclusive. (Naturally.) The mixed greens come in an adorable wheel barrel and the tasty lemon vinaigrette is poured out of a little water spout. Extra quinoa can be found in the little extra pot and the seed packet is filled with … seeds for your salad!

Barton G's vegetable pizzeola - Photo by Mar YvetteThe delish vegetable pizzeola. Look at that cute little clay oven. The housemade red pepper hummus is so tasty and spicy!

Seabass in a sack at Barton G
The seabass en papillote is a fine fish pick. They leave the faux florals for a little ambiance at your table.

Tuesday night scene at Barton GNever mind the bald dude looking at me like I’m trying to take his photo. Check out those ginormous forks over on the left hand side of the picture. That’s what you get when you order steak. Cray.

Churros gone wild at Barton G - Photo by Mar YvetteThe churros are served in a bag made of washable paper while the Mexican hot chocolate comes in its own little clay pot. The pastry chef said those giant zigzagging churros are inspired by Medusa.

Marie Antoinette's head - Photo by Mar Yvette
Off with her head! Well, not really. The sweet swirly cotton candy concoction known as Marie Antoinette’s Head is probably the most popular dessert in the restaurant. (I saw one coming out of the kitchen about every 20 minutes.) I walked over to another table and asked the couple if I could take a picture of their dessert. They were delighted, but didn’t offer me a rosette. Guess you have to draw the line somewhere 😉

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