Jack Dagger & Queen Mary Dark Harbor

Jack Dagger & Queen Mary Dark Harbor

They’re baaaack! Queen Mary’s haunted Dark Harbor is invading the infamous ship now through November 2 and I had some of the (incredibly nice) monsters visit the studio to hang out with me and do all their cool tricks. They arrived at the studio at 5AM (and they had to go work that night, ALL NIGHT!) to transform into the incredible creatures of the night … or should I say, monsters of the morning! Giving us a preview of the scary fun were the Ringmaster, the leader of the circus maze and his cast of freaks. I’m still trying to decide if I’m brave enough to go, but if you’re dare, you can get tickets at www.queenmary.com!

Ghouly good times in the Green Room!
Not to be outdone, I also had Jack Dagger and the sword-swallowing “unkillable” Jenny Lynne stop by to preview their death-defying knife throwing skills that they’re performing at the crazy Carpe Noctis show going on every Friday and Saturday in Hollywood. I worked with Jack a couple of years ago at some event in Long Beach when he actually threw knives AT ME (what was I thinking?!!) on live TV. (Now that I think about it, he also whipped me. Really.) Carpe Noctis is a dark, dangerous, risqué and mysterious live theatre experience where you’ll see everything from Coffin Cabaret and Breakdance Combat to Knife Throwing and a whole lot more. See you there!

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