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Jump Around: Traces in LA

Real People. Unreal Feats. And might we add, Crazy Feets! There’s a new acrobatic-dance-performance-art troupe in town and they’re called Traces. Performing for the first time in LA now until February 11th at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre, this six-man + one-woman show is ready to blow your mind.

The 90-minute spectacle, originally created by French Canadian urban circus company Les 7 Doigts de la Main, features gravity-defying displays of physical brilliance. These guys literally jump through hoops, ascend barefoot along Chinese poles, balance on each other’s heads, pounce on skateboards from five feet in the air, and generally do whatever it takes to make you stare in disbelief and pray that nobody falls of the stage. (Although you might have to pick your jaw up from the floor.)

Nightly until Friday, February 11 @ Ricardo Montalban Theatre.

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