Smokin’ Popcorn, Dragon Whiskers & Beyond

Smokin’ Popcorn, Dragon Whiskers & Beyond

Ever wonder what it’s like to have popcorn smoke blowing out your nose and mouth? Thought so.

Not to worry. I know a guy. Uncle Pops, to be exact. Sounds innocent enough, right? He’s based out of Gardena, but you can find him and his multisensory edibles all weekend at 626 Night Market. It’s the largest Asian night market in the country and it’s going on (Friday 9/12-Sunday 9/14) at Santa Anita Park. Not only is it your chance to try the crunchy cold popped kernels, but you can also check out more unusual foods like Dragon’s Whiskers from the fabulous Chef Alex whose creations he proudly declares are “Made by hand, no machine!” I couldn’t believe this stringy dessert is made with just honey and cornstarch (which can then be rolled into a little burrito stuffed with peanuts and sesame seeds) — cray! There’s also really cool cotton candy flowers and Pop’d Up Thai popsicles, which are made by shaking liquid fruit in an ice tray — no electricity. (So eco-friendly!) It was my first time having any of these things and I am now a fan. Everything was so thoughtfully done and totally fun.

And if you want to get a little cultural in the real artsy sense, you should definitely check out performance art group Diavolo — they take dance to a whole new level by truly becoming architecture in motion.

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