Mar Yvette with Cristian Contreras Radovic

My Chilean TV Debut: The Truth About Marilyn Monroe’s Life & Death

What’s the truth about Marilyn Monroe’s life … and her death? Although she is one of the world’s most beloved icons of all time, so much about her remains a mystery. Like so many others, I have long been intrigued by her incredible rags-to-riches story and the paradox of her existence—at once a successful sex symbol and tragically lost little girl.

I recently appeared on the popular Chilean TV series “Las Últimas Horas” (The Ultimate Hours) with host Cristián Contreras Radovic to talk about Marilyn Monroe and her many struggles. We walked around Hollywood and visited some of the landmarks that were important in Monroe’s life before her untimely end at the age of 36.

I hope you enjoy watching the show as much as we enjoyed filming it.

Watch the full one-hour episode of Las Últimas Horas de Marilyn Monroe. (If you don’t speak Spanish, you’re going to need a translator!)

For more about the life of Marilyn Monroe, take a look at some of her favorite places in Marilyn Monroe’s Los Angeles.

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  1. Katrina at 9:27 pm

    I looooooveeee Marilyn. She was so beautiful, there will never be no one else like her. So sad that someone so talented and beautiful could not find happiness.

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