TRICK OR TREAT: Elvira, Coffin Go-Karts & Eye-Popping Corn!!!

Elvira, Coffin Go-Karts & A Guy Who Pops Corn From His Eye!

NO WAY!!!! Even though I planned my segment to cover the 16th Annual Trick or Treat Festival at The Orange County Market Place, I had NO idea what I was really in for thanks to the INSANE tricks from Warren Draven of Freak Show Deluxe. I knew he was going to have some funky things up his sleeve, but never in a million years did I think he’d have a corn kernel up his eye! YES, he snorted a corn kernel and then POPPED IT OUT HIS EYEBALL. As if that weren’t enough, he then had me STAPLE A DOLLAR BILL TO HIS FOREHEAD on LIVE TV!!! Oh, and I also got to ride on a coffin go-kart and race against Grandpa Munster on his Dragula go-kart, take a limo hearse ride with the official “Next Elvira” and hang out with zombie children and monsters from Abracadaver Productions. Special thanks to Shelly’s Dance & Costume Wear for transforming me into a Mar-iposa!

Watch the Video (if you dare): Scaring Up Some Creepy Fun in OC

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