A Salute To Those Who Serve

I had the privilege of spending time with First Sergeant Jeff Shultz, founder of the Long Beach Veterans Day Parade, as well as his fellow soldiers and the 3rd Battalion 1st Brigade of the California State Military Reserve Color Guard. These men (and women) exemplified the qualities that I aspire to have at all times: Humility, Gratitude, Courage. And to top it all off, we had Mrs. Bella’s Dolls perform a little 40s-style retro number that harkened back to the WWII USO era. (The soldiers really liked that!)

We salute those who serve!
A special thank you to 1SG Shultz for honoring me with a special pin from the CA State Military Reserve … he did it live on air and it was such a nice surprise. He said they don’t give these pins out often and apparently I can get free drinks if I’m ever on base! They also invited me to take a ride on a BLACK HAWK helicopter, but I’m not so sure … I feel like it was enough to get in the Humvee. Would YOU do it??


Watch the Video: Veteran’s Day Marpop Special

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