Hot New Pick: Vu in MDR

A (dining) room with a vu? Oh, yes. Opened on December 1, 2010, Vu (pronounced “view”) is hoping to give Marina Del Rey a much-needed dose of delicious fine(r) dining. The spacious restaurant–located at the newly transformed Jamaica Bay Inn that’s thisclose to the water–has introduced chef Kyle Schutte to LA.

The big jefe, who comes from Washington DC by way of Atlanta, has crafted a menu that is one third Bazaar-style molecular gastronomy (he’s heavily inspired by DC chef celebre Jose Andres), one third Southern comfort food (he also spent time in Virginia and North Carolina) and one third “I want to show y’all here in LA how good I can be.”

So just how good is it? Well, it’ s pretty darn good, ya’ll. From the deceivingly simple presentation of the hamachi crudo–a row of prettily aligned yellowtail delicately rubbed with BBQ spice (a blend of 17 different spices including tomato and honey powder) and collard green gel–to the chicken fried watermelon and “omg, it’s deconstructed” potato salad (yes, that’s carrot glass in there!), it’s all quite a feast for the eyes. And belly. If you can adjust your expectations to the ambitious twists on old standbys.

Try the flavorful Thai mussels (don’t expect a big bowl–they’re served singly in mini spoonfuls with the slightest pool of green curry broth), half chicken with pistachio suds (!) and grilled grits with root beer jello and pork belly. If you’re not a fan of goat cheese (that would be us!), steer clear of the grilled cheese and grilled polenta.

As for sweets, Schutte outdoes himself with the French toast dessert topped with strawberry jam, maple ice cream and strawberry-thyme relish. A better finish could not be had.

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