Torres Family Super Show, Mister Cartoon, Concern Foundation, Vaud & the Villains

Pink’s Hot Dogs, Lowriders, Kris Jenner, Vaud & the Villains!

I LOVE LA!! Where else could I get Mr. Cartoon (you know, the guy who’s tatted up everyone from Snoop Dogg/Lion and 50 Cent to Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber) to show up with his lowriders, which are actual works of art that have been shown in museums around the world + Kris Jenner eating Pink’s Hot Dogs aaaaaand my favorite 19-piece 1930s-style orchestra & cabaret to perform?!!! FYI, if you want to hang out with the cars, check out the Torres Empire show at the LA Convention Center on Sunday; if you want to eat & dance all night, hit up the big Concern Foundation Block Party at Paramount Studios this Saturday (I’ll be there!!!) and if you want to party with Vaud and the Villains, LA Derby Dolls & tons of other fun people, make sure you do the TwentyWonder event on Saturday. Welcome to your weekend!

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