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Cecconi's waffle by John Russo Photography

Where To Go For Waffles in LA

International Waffle Day might be over (it was March 25) and National Waffle Day (August 24) is still far away, but who needs an excuse to celebrate a wacky holiday when the subject matter is so tasty? Read on for some places you might want to consider when you're in the mood for deliciously crisp battercake.
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Fantasy Island club by Joan S

Medium Bare: Strip Club Cuisine

Looking for some topless sirloin? How about a strip steak? Or, wait ... you'd settle for just any piece of meat, well done, wouldn't you? Alright, alright. Enough with the punny one-liners. If you're anything like me, your idea of going out to a nice dinner doesn't include a cadre of naked women slithering around a pole.
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Crow Bar cheese prosciutto

Get Melted: Grilled Cheese Week!

The countdown to the Grilled Cheese Invitational is on. The big event happens Saturday, April 23 at Los Angeles Center Studios and if last year's blowout is any indication of how this year's will fare, it's going to be out of control! To prepare, event sponsor Tillamook Cheese has partnered with six Los Angeles and Orange County restaurants that are offering their own grilled cheese melts.
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Morgan's Meaty Martini

Drink Your Dinner: Meat Cocktails

Mmmmm meat. The mixology craze has reached critical mass, so it was only a matter of time before things really started beefing up. Check out this list where there's a little something (especially bacon) for everyone ... except vegetarians.
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Typhoon by Mar Yvette

Go Out, Have Fun, Help Japan

By now you’ve probably read about the many restaurants and other businesses around town that are donating to the relief efforts in Japan. But the list keeps growing by the day, with a few updates to fill you in on. Check out these places around LA and OC that are helping the Japanese relief efforts.
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Peninsula's Red Carpet Experience

LA’s Oscar Celebrations

Ready for your close-up? Even if you’re not one of the glittery, overprivileged few who will be basking in superfluous glory at the Academy Awards on Sunday, February 27, there’s no reason you can’t party--and eat and get pampered--like an A-lister. I'm not talking about those invite-only parties for the rich, famous, and hyper-ego'd.
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Breakfast Pizza in LA

Having a cold slice of Domino's or Little Caesars the morning after an all-night bender might be a rite of passage for some (okay, many), but the greasy comfort carb isn't exactly the breakfast of champions. Until now.  Pizza is popping up on breakfast menus around Los Angeles and we're not just talking traditional pizzerias. Find out where to go for gourmet renditions of the round doughy dish.
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Best Restaurants in Los Angeles


Eat much in 2010? So many new Los Angeles restaurants opened this past year and if you were anything like me, you ate at as many of them as you could. So what qualifies a restaurant to be considered among the best?
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Burlesque in Los Angeles

Burlesque in LA

Boas, bustiers and barely-clad babes, oh my! Even though the would-be blockbuster “Burlesque” turned out to be a big fat flop, that doesn’t mean this form of old-school risque entertainment can’t be a good time. Au contraire. These teasy and sometimes sleazy shows are a throwback to a bygone era of backroom speakeasies, sultry jazz music, and scantily dressed girls in fishnet stockings. Here are a few places for burlesque action in Los Angeles.
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Best Breakfast in LA

Best Breakfast in LA

Ah, breakfast. The most important meal of the day. Whether you’re in the mood for the most incredible, life-changing, must-be-5-million-calories French toast that’s bigger than your head, or deliciously spicy huevos rancheros that come with spectacular views of the Pacific, we’re dishing on the best breakfast places around Los Angeles.
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Ice Skating in Los Angeles & Orange County

Ice Skating in LA & OC

Who knew skating on thin ice could be so fun? Now that the holiday season is in full swing, it’s time to get out, strap on a pair and have a good time. (Kinda sounds naughty … and nice, doesn’t it?)
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New Year's Eve in Los Angeles

New Year’s Eve in LA

Happy New Year! The countdown has begun yet the question remains: Where will you spend your final moments of 2010? Check out these top 7 spots for ringing in the next decade in style and with a smile.
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Holiday Cocktails

Holiday Drinks in LA

Deck the halls with lots of boozing … in fa la la la La La Land. Looking for a cool holiday cocktail to warm you up this season? Look no further than our list for drinks that will truly get you into the holiday spirits.
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Christmas Day Dining in LA

Christmas Day Dining

You bought presents for everyone else. Now it’s time to treat yourself with a yummy meal you won’t have to clean up afterward. Sure, there are hundreds of restaurants around LA that are open on Christmas Day (which admittedly sucks for those who are working) but we’re highlighting some of our favorites.
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