A Legendary Night with John Legend

What do you do when you’re invited to spend an evening at a sprawling ranch outside of LA amid a gorgeous setting with deliciously prepared food, hot air balloon rides and a private concert by none other than nine-time Grammy winner John Legend? Ummm… you go!

That’s exactly what I did when I learned that Stella Artois was setting the mood for a summer of sophisticated soirees with their new “Host Beautifully” campaign. The evening began with fun music playing over the crowd who mingled around cozy sofas spread throughout the rambling scenery and tables lined with beautiful white flowers. It was all wonderfully rustic and almost felt like a wedding should be taking place because it was so lovely. The food was divine (with vegan options thanks to caterer Heirloom LA!) and I loved the phone charging station (brilliant!) and blankets since it got really cold as the night went on.

Of course, the moment everyone was waiting for was John Legend’s performance, which took place just as the sun was setting. It was spectacular! But before he went on stage, I had a chance to sit with him and ask him a few questions, like what makes him the host with the most. “First of all, you gotta have a good guest list. People make a huge difference. And then I think great music of course. I like to put together a nice playlist of my favorite artists.” (He said he doesn’t put his own songs on his playlist, which I thought was kind of cute.) “And then food, of course, is critical. My wife is a great cook and a lot of her food is really good party food.”

At the end of the evening, guests had a chance for one more uplifting experience aboard the hot air balloons. (I had no idea they were so HUGE!) The balloons were tethered, so we got about 40 feet high and felt the flames right above our heads as we floated. It was my first time on a hot air balloon and it was certainly my first time meeting John Legend. Hopefully it’s not my last.

Click here to see my interview with John Legend.

Photos by www.drdano.com unless otherwise noted

For more info: www.hostbeautifully.com


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