Memories with Barbra Streisand

Best Oscar Moments 2013

The 85th Annual Academy Awards have come to an end and overall Seth MacFarlane did a pretty good job, don’t you think? Per usual, the show was a bit too long and most speeches were boring recitations of people’s names, but there were some memorable moments worth mentioning. Here are my top 5 favorite moments from the 2013 Oscars that kept me watching.

By far my favorite part of the night was when Babs came out to perform “The Way We Were.” That bejeweled bondage collar was a definite no-no and I’m not totally sure about all that yellow gold baublery draped around her fingers and neck (I kinda like it), and her voice was a little raspy, but the woman’s still got it going on. #realtalentneverdies
Memories with Barbra Streisand

Dancing with the stars, Oscar style. The dance number with Charlize Theron and Channing Tatum was totally unexpected, genuinely entertaining and old-school charming. #finally
Charlize & Channing cutting a rug

When Jennifer Lawrence fell and remained there on the steps almost Scarlet O’Hara-ish, and then Hugh Jackman being such a gentleman tried to help her – adorbs! We all like her even more now, right? #dramz
Jennifer Lawrence falls with grace

Meryl Streep picking her ass over and over again!!!! Girl knows how to keep it real. #lovez (By the way, didn’t she wear the same dress last year in gold???) #shecandonowrong
Meryl picking her ass

Jane Fonda rockin’ the canary yellow in that body at 75 years old, WHAT?!!! #jazzercise
Jane Fonda looking white hot in yellow - Photo by Getty Images


The cray way Shirley Bassey sang the word “Gold….fingah!”

Jennifer Hudson’s incredible, non-lip synced performance

Christoph Waltz just being the coolest German ever

The soft-shoe number with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Harry Potter

Daniel Day-Lewis winning and showing his humorous side (yes, it does exist!)


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