My Top 5 Best Beauty Secrets

As a lifestyle expert, I’m always asked for my advice on the best beauty products, the latest fashion finds or which restaurant I recommend. But one of the areas where I’ve been most challenged is in the skin department. My skin is sensitive and can be quite moody … ummm, not exactly the best scenario for someone who’s on TV … in HD! But there is a little silver lining thanks to a few changes I’ve made along the way.


Hi Mar,

I hope you don’t mind the random question, but I was wondering about your flawless skin…..what’s your secret, and do you have any skincare products that you swear by?

Also, do you use the same make-up products away from work? Any recommendations there?

Loving your work!

Thanks a lot for your time.

Kelly x


Hi Kelly!
OMG first of all, let me admit that my initial reaction to your email was that of disbelief – I wish I had flawless skin! Maintaining a smooth, clear complexion has been a struggle my entire life (bad genes? poor diet? environmental pollutants?), but thankfully it’s been improving over the years. I’ve tried countless products to help with breakouts and the uneven skin tone that results from those breakouts (especially for those with darker skin like mine) and what I’m learning is that it’s truly a matter of using good quality products both inside and out.

FYI: These are my own personal recommendations and I do NOT get paid by any of the people, brands or places I endorse. (Although it would be nice to make some $$$ out of this, don’t you think?)

These are my top 5 beauty secrets to better skin:

1. Go Vegan (as much as you can) – I’ve been pescatarian since I was 18, but for nearly a year now I have gone almost entirely vegan and I’m starting to see results! I realize how much dairy was clogging my pores and making my skin dull. I highly recommend green juicing — I try to make my own green cocktail at least three times a week with organic green apples, ginger, lime, spinach, parsley, kale, arugula (or whatever green is in season). I’m convinced it helps keep my skin clearer.

2. Avoid Sugar – This is one of my biggest challenges. Even though doctors and health experts continually tell us that refined sugars are poisonous and ruin our skin, I still find it so hard to say no. I try to just eat fruit or do vegan desserts when I have a craving. If I do end up eating something very sugary, my hands start getting really itchy and eczema-ish. When I avoid processed sugars, I have no flare ups. But not consuming sugar is truly my biggest challenge.

3. Clarisonic – If there is ONE beauty product I cannot live without it is my Clarisonic. This thing has changed my life. It makes my skin feel so clean and tightens my pores every time I use it.

4. Michelle De Leon @ Embody Esthetics – Ever since I began getting regular treatments and using products recommended by aesthetician Michelle De Leon at this tiny medispa in Beverly Hills, my skin has improved. I’ve been seeing her consistently for the past year and I love that she tries to do things as naturally as possible and really caters to each person’s specific skin issues. She also isn’t a salesperson — she’ll NEVER try to force products on you or make you feel awkward for not buying something. The same goes for aesthetician extraordinaire Ronni Chislom in the South Bay as well as Dallas Port, esthetician to the stars. Seriously, these three ladies are the best!!!

5. Use Natural Products (whenever you can) – I definitely lean toward all-natural products without all those unnecessary fragrances and chemicals. But I also sometimes need products that have an extra medical/cosmeceutical boost because I find that they work faster and are more effective on my skin. So … just try to use natural stuff as much as possible and stick to brands that mostly use ingredients you can easily pronounce and identify.

A few products I swear by:

* IS Clinical Cleansing Complex – I was introduced to this brand at the Spa at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and at first I was sort of skeptical (as I always am) because I have tried just about EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT out there that promises clear, beautiful, smooth skin and I’m always disappointed. However, after using this cleanser with my Clairsonic on a daily basis my skin has become much more agreeable and reliable than it ever has. I like that it’s not some perfumey department store brand but instead focuses on anti-aging ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade botanicals.

* Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation – I love mineral makeup and so far Tarte’s medium-tan sand color matches my skin tone better than other brands. The downside is that it doesn’t have SPF, but I like that the ingredients are more natural than not. I also like Jane Iredale mineral cosmetics because her stuff is totally natural.

 * Pacifica Lip Tint – I’m not a lipstick person, so the only time I wear it is on TV. I wear lip balm from Pacifica (switching between two colors — Sugared Fig and Blood Orange) on a daily basis because it’s all natural, 100% vegan, has just enough color and keeps my lips moisturized. The tube lasts a long time and costs like $4. So good!

xo -m

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  1. Barbara White at 4:38 pm

    Mar Yvette, I am your biggest fan. My entire family watches you on Good Day LA and my daughter said she saw you on E!. I have a question related to my skin. Do you know of a natural treatment for eczema?

    • Mar Yvette at 10:00 am

      Hi Barbara! Thanks so much for watching – lovezzz! So the best remedy for eczema I have found is not eating dairy products and I also like Nature’s Gate oatmeal lotion – it’s soothing and doesn’t leave skin greasy. Hope that helps!

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