My Top Summer Essentials

Hot days, cool nights and time for a vacay or two. Summer has arrived and with it comes the burning question: What do I need to get through the season? From my favorite skin-saving products to must-have fashion and accessories, here are my top picks to make sure you have it made in the shade all summer long.


Chaser I Love Vacation - Mar Yvette
I love vacation. Who doesn’t? Leave it to Chaser to create the coziest pullover perfect for breezy summer nights. This LA-based clothing line is my go-to for casual boho-meets-rocker chic sweatshirts, t-shirts, silk tops, tanks, maxi dresses … the list goes on. Catch me on any given day and chances are I’m sporting something from this brand. (No, I’m not a paid spokesperson, but that’s not a bad idea –ha!) I love that even when you’re not on vacay, Chaser’s easy threads will make you feel like you are.

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer Aloe Soothe

#VaselineSprays - Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer
I know a lot of us don’t use lotion on a daily basis because it takes too long to apply and absorb before we even get our clothes on. (So annoying, especially when it rubs off!) But not to worry, ladies. I just discovered the new Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer ($6.49). No, it’s not a squeeze tube of sticky jelly. It’s quite the opposite. This 360° spray dispenses lotion quickly and it absorbs in less than 10 seconds! Seriously. You just spray, rub and you’re done. Aside from the convenience of how fast it’ll make your moisturizing routine (it’s great after a shower), I love that it smells so yummy and clean thanks to the aloe. Bonus: It is 100% NOT greasy!!! The first time I used it I actually did a double take because it absorbs so quickly without any residue. It feels so silky and smooth but doesn’t leave skin looking shiny, which is great because who wants to look like they’re sweating? It’s also really lightweight, which is perfect for summer. I’ll have to try the other versions next: Essential Healing has pure oat extract, Cocoa Radiant has cocoa butter and the Advanced Repair gives an added dose of moisture to help heal very dry skin, but still only takes seconds to apply. Your morning routine just got a whole lot easier!

Red Carter Swimwear

Red Carter one piece ... no, that's not me in the photo. (I wish!)
If you’re like me, wearing a bikini is something you avoid like shark-infested waters. It’s just not something you’re ready to jump into, right? So imagine how happy I was when I found Red Carter swimwear ($149-199), a brand that makes sexy yet modest one-pieces. The bathing suits come in cool prints and styles (I’m a fan of the strapless—no tan lines!) to fit every body and personality type. As for those who are brave enough to rock a two-piece, there’s plenty of cute little numbers for you, too.

Kitsch Hair Ties

Kitsch hair ties - lovezzz these things!
I’m all about keeping my hair as fuss-free as possible, especially during the summertime, and these hair ties from Kitsch are the perfect way to step up my bun or ponytail game without even trying. The added bonus is that they double as bracelets and I love the gold accent and different vegan leather styles. So cute, so chic!

Elf Shine Eraser

Elf's shine-fighting blotting paper
Hot weather = greasy face. At least that was my complexion equation before I discovered Elf’s Shine Eraser blotting sheets. I’m obsessed!!! Unlike some of the other blotters I’ve tried, Elf’s are made of actual rice paper and absorb oil without moving makeup. Each sheet also has green tea extract, which is supposed to minimize pores. But the best thing is that they’re only $1 for 50 sheets! Every time I go to Target I stock up on at least a few because I keep thinking they’re going to discontinue selling them. One dolla make you holla!

UE Boom

UE boomboxNo beach day is complete without music and the UE Boom ($199.99) portable Bluetooth speaker is perfect for packing. It has a 15-hour battery life, 50-foot wireless range and it’s water resistant and stain resistant, so you can feel safe taking it to the beach or your next pool party. Ultimate Ears come in your choice of cute colors and the sound quality is amaze. This boombox is bomb!

iS Clinical Sunscreens

iS Clincal sunscreens - so good!
I’m always on the hunt for the next great non-chemical sunscreen that’ll protect my face without making it break out. And I found it! Innovative Skincare’s Extreme Protect SPF 30 is non-greasy plus it has antioxidants and micro-fine zinc oxide, which is perfect to protect your face. For body, try the Eclipse SPF 50+ ($38) which has a silky matte finish that keeps you shielded during prolonged outdoor activities… like reclining by the pool while sipping, snacking and catching up on gossip mags. Accessories

Bando summer must haves - so fun!
There’s nothing worse than being out somewhere with a dying phone and nowhere to charge it. to the rescue! I love this LA brand that makes totally adorbs gifts and accessories and their Back Me Up Mobile Charger is no exception. It’s cute, compact and really does the trick. They have about a zillion other fun products I could list here (but that would take forever), so just do yourself a favor and check out their site. And don’t forget those cute little ear buddies for all your summertime tunes.

Taschen Travel Tote

Marpop rocking the Taschen travel bag. I told you it was big!
Nobody wants a lot of baggage on vacay and the Taschen travel tote ($199.99) is just the ticket for your summer getaway because it will hold EVERYTHING. (Trust me, this bag is HUGE!) Aside from its size, what makes this bag different than every other bag is that you’ll be the ONLY one carrying it. That’s because each vegan leather creation is individually handmade in LA by designer Jose Guardado. Although no two are the same, each collapsible carry-all has a cotton interior (I love the fun patterns), pockets for stashing goods and a removable shoulder strap. See you on the beach!


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  1. kayla at 1:25 pm

    Lots of cute fun and easy stuff that’s mostly affordable. I hate it when magazines put out lists that nobody can even afford. I like spray lotions so I will try that one you reccomend and also I love the hair ties too. Where can I buy them?

  2. Dorine Padilla at 1:16 pm

    Love all the essentials ! Thank you so much Mar! I’m not one for bikini wear! So looking into the Red Carter swimwear.
    You’re amazing Mar!
    Thank you once again!

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