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What Food is Better Than Sex?

Foodgasm, oral gratification, gastrophoria. Call it what you want. The bottom line is that every now and again, you bite into something so delicious, so incredibly multisensory, it convinces you it’s better than sex. White truffles? (Wolfgang Puck seems to think so.) Bacon? (Take it from an Iron Chef.) Pancakes? (Who knew!) I asked some top chefs and restaurateurs to describe which foods really hit the spot.

Wolfgang PuckWolfgang Puck – Master Chef & World-Renowned Restaurateur
“My all-time favorite dish is anything with white truffles, especially on pizza. They’re fragrant, decadent, rich, and everything in between.”

Iron Chef Michael Symon - Photo by Mar YvetteMichael Symon – Chef, Restaurateur & Co-Host of “The Chew”
“Nothing is better than sex! But if I have to say something: Bacon. It’s luxurious and delicious and puts a smile on your face.”

Rock & roll chef Kerry SimonKerry Simon – Iron Chef Hamburger Champion & Restaurateur
“That’s a crazy question! There is no food better than sex. Although if I have to choose something, I’d say oysters. No particular kind, just oysters. I like them plain with lemon juice.”


Griddle Cafe's Hot Chocolate French Toast

Jodi – Owner/Creator, The Griddle Cafe
“The Griddle Cafe’s hot chocolate French toast. Our extremely rich chocolate bread loaded with bittersweet chocolate chips, dipped and grilled to perfection… topped with whipped cream and roasted marshmallows. Mmmm.”


Chef Jet Tila - Photo by Mar YvetteJet Tila – Iron Chef & Partner @ The Charleston
“Wow! I’m not gonna lie, I’m a huge fan of food, but sex is pretty fuckin’ awesome. The food that reminds me of sex is warm, juicy … I would have to say like a braised oxtail. If you take a piece of meat with a decent amount of fat and connective tissue and you braise it down until it just about falls apart, that to me is better than sex. Sometimes! Sometimes!”

Dakota WeissDakota Weiss – Executive Chef, W Los Angeles
“What a great question! Two things come to mind for me right away: Bone marrow spread on a crusty, garlicky, warm bread with capers and Maldonado salt makes my mouth water! Also, a perfectly smooth and creamy butterscotch pot de creme with a hint of salt. I could live on an island and/or give up sex for those everyday. As long as I get a super hot trainer to keep me from exploding into the state puff marshmallow!”

The Parish burger - Photo by Kevin HsuCasey Lane – Executive Chef, The Parish & Tasting Kitchen
‘The burger at The Parish ’cause of the fuckin’ heat! You’ve got the sweetness coming from the caramelized onions and then the richness of the Stichelton, which is an English blue cheese… the cheese just makes it all taste richer and juicier and emphasizes the meat flavor.”

Bigmista's Pig CandyNeil “Bigmista” Strawder – Creator/Smokemaster Bigmista’s BBQ
“It would have to be Bigmista’s pig candy, of course! Thick sliced maple bacon, sprinkled with cayenne, brown sugar , some of our special rub and smoked until we make bacon better. WARNING: After eating this, your knees might buckle and you might feel the desire to smoke a cigarette.”

Michael FiorelliMichael Fiorelli – Executive Sous Chef, Terranea Resort”
“Wow! That’s tough. I think that sex is my favorite thing in the world. If I had to pick one though, I would say fresh sea urchin on perfect warm suchi rice with soy and a raw quail egg.”


Hungry Cat's fresh uni - Photo from Delicious LifeDavid Lentz – Owner/Chef,  The Hungry Cat
“Nothing better than a freshly opened sea urchin (uni) from our Santa Barbara diver. Just a squeeze of fresh lemon, sea salt and eat straight out of the shell with some grilled ciabatta.”


Foiegettaboutit!Josiah Citrin – Owner/Chef – Mélisse
“After 7 months without foie gras, I would have to say a great foie terrine with toasted country bread and fleur de sel.”



Suzanne Tracht - Photo courtesy of BravoSuzanne Tracht – Owner/Chef – Jar
“Billecarte Salmon Champagne, Matsutake mushrooms just sauteed and a pasta of perfectly made raviolini or agnolotti with freshly made ricotta and shaved truffles.”



Nguyen Tran of Starry KitchenNguyen Tran – Culinary Renegade & Owner/Chef, Starry Kitchen
“What dishes are better than sex? Fuck, that’s hard. What makes me melt, swoon and just want to make love to my mouth over and over and over again?! ACTUAL Kobe beef… in Japan. So buttery, so delicately delicious and they don’t do ANYTHING to flavor that stuff. Amazing. Salt’s Cure’s croissant bread pudding – I don’t know if those f’ers still make their own croissants and THEN make bread pudding out of it, but that shit is so good I think I could pass up a booty call (if I were single and if an actual woman desired me) for this dish. Also, a REALLY good buttermilk chicken fried steak with an amazingly creamy gravy. Oh, ramen. This also traces back to my trip back to Japan where they opened my eyes that “ramen” wasn’t just those instant packets of noodles where I just add hot water. My favorite’s probably Ramen Yamada-ya. But my favorite-est dish in the world, we make a version of it, is called “Ca Kho To” in Vietnamese and it’s claypot-caramelized catfish and pork belly.  Give me that and rice and I’ll easily forget any sexy desires… at least while I’m eating.”

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  2. Melanie at 6:18 pm

    Almost every food,except anything healthy of course,is better than sex. You just cant compare the 2,food will alwayssss win to any sane person. 🙂

  3. Beryl at 2:06 pm

    Well just about any good homecooking is better than sex.

    Men would probably not agree, because it is easier for them to enjoy it.


  4. whatevergirl at 8:51 pm

    Kerry Simon and Michael Symon are wrong anything is better than sex and that includes food. and to Jet Tila, It’s overrated!

  5. aram at 6:41 pm

    For me, the Griddle Cafe’s french toast, smothered in butter with a touch of syrup, is about as close as I have come (so to speak)…

  6. Kate at 6:47 pm

    I agree with majority of the Chefs that nothing is better than sex, I write a sex blog so I would be one to know. However two springs ago I went to the Tucson Wine & Culinary Festival and tried Jax Kitchen’s duck confit with a cranberry glaze paired with sweet potatoe mash. It was heaven! Literally melted in your mouth; a complete orgasmic experience. Highly recommened. Though the dish itself is not currently on the menu, they do offer the confit in other ways. 🙂

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