Cheap Frills: Affordable Lingerie

Valentine’s Day is here, and you know what that means. It’s time to treat yourself to a sexy piece of lingerie even if you’re the only one admiring it. The thing is, most specialty lingerie stores are so expensive they end up being totally worthless for the everyday person. (Seriously. $120 for a thong, Agent Provocateur? Really??) Even a mainstream store like Victoria’s Secret can get a little out of control. Forget the sexy little shops that wrap your pricey purchase in perfumed tissue paper. It’s time to get down to the business of getting down. Here are your best bets for affordable lingerie.

TJ Maxx –
It doesn’t really matter where you get your lingerie so much as what lingerie you get. And fortunately, TJ Maxx usually has a decent selection of the name-brand underthings that cost twice as much at Nordstrom or Bloomies. Just keep in mind that you really have to sift through the inventory and it’s not always perfectly organized. But it’s worth it. I’ve found everything from high-end European brands like La Perla to Calvin Klein underwear here.

Marshalls –
Ditto on everything I said about TJ Maxx, which shares the same ownership as Marshalls.

Beverly Hills Hosiery –
Don’t let the name fool you. Beverly Hills Hosiery is located in Downtown LA and there is waaaaaay more than just pantyhose stocked in this jam-packed wonderland of fabulously priced, hard-to-find, must-have, didn’t-know-those-even-existed wearables. From thigh-high fishnets, garter belts, petticoats and corsets to sequined bras, lacy panties, slutty sexy costumes and everything in between, this LA lingerie landmark has it all.

Forever 21 –
You might be well past the 21-year-old mark, but this tween temple to trendy fashion is where you can get really cute ditties ranging from $2 lacy thongs and boyshorts to $5 bras and all manner of tanks. They’ve really expanded their offerings, so there’s plenty to choose from. If you don’t want to deal with the loud music and girls half your age, just shop online.

Maidenform Outlet Stores –
Maidenform is a brand that’s been around forever and while you can get their stuff at any regular department store, if you can get to one of the outlets all over Southern Cal or Vegas you can usually find additional discounts and clearance items. You can also shop the Maidenform site which has a pretty impressive selection of sale merch like $15 bras and buy-three-get-one-free chonies.

Frederick’s of Hollywood –
Oh, Frederick’s. I’ve never shopped this store, but clearly Freddy must be doing something right considering the store has been around since 1947. And it really does have great prices on all those vampy underthings: see-through teddies, push-up bras, stretchy chemises, garter belts, corsets, baby dolls, G-strings, even shoes. There’s always a sale going on, so chances are you can get an entire outfit for less than $50.

Did I miss any of your favorites? Email me!

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