A Jurassic World with Reptile Zoo

I always know I’m in for a creepy-crawly good time when I bring in Jay Brewer and Savannah Boan from the Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley! This unusual destination offers a world of educational entertainment for the whole family with over 100 exotic species of reptiles, amphibians, arachnids and other “prehistoric pets” from around the world. These animals each have their own story, some are rescues, many were born at the Reptile Zoo and others are part of private collections. You can learn first-hand about these rare and prehistoric pets including those I featured on Good Day LA … it’s pretty incredible to see the difference between a baby and adult-sized version of the same animal. Everyone loved the two-inch baby tortoise and the 100+-pound adult tortoise, not to mention the baby chameleons that are no bigger than a gummy bear. But umm … not everyone was thrilled to see the giant water monitor. He is HUGE! (And so is his tongue.)

Check out my YouTube video and watch all the action. But be warned … objects are larger than they appear on screen 😉

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