My Two-Day Detox Experiment

I recently did something I never thought I’d do: A juice cleanse. It was my first-ever detox and my initial thoughts were filled with hesitation, curiosity and excitement. I mean, how could I not eat for two whole days??? Well, that’s not totally true. This particular cleanse did include two small organic health bars, but as someone who is constantly eating it was a pretty big deal to just stop doing one of my all-time favorite things for 48 hours.

So this was the deal: I was one of the first to try the new Get Glowing Detox program from Paleta founder Kelly Boyer and skincare guru Sonya Dakar. The two-day cleanse includes 12 cold-pressed raw organic juices along with a two-day vitamin supply and two-week skincare supply of cleanser, scrub and moisturizer. Naturally, only so much can happen in two days, but the point is to give your body a break from digesting and get glowing from the inside out. Did it change my life? Would I do it again? Read on …

Heavy duty: These bags are loaded with liquids!

These are the Paleta cooler bags that come delivered to your doorstep the night before/morning of your designated detox date. Instructions are extremely easy to follow and everything is perfectly labeled for a fool-proof experience. You arrange for a pick-up of the bags once you’re done.

Paleta Get Glowing Detox - Photo by Mar Yvette

The contents of the Paleta coolers and Sonya Dakar skincare samples. In addition to the juices and pair of homemade PB&C (peanut butter & cranberry) energy bars, you also get two power boosters (the first day it’s chlorophyll, the second day it’s aloe), four of Paleta’s signature boxed waters, a Paleta T-shirt and a beautiful-smelling sachet of lavender salts so you can take a soothing bath on the last night of your detox. So cute and thoughtful!

Sonya Dakar Detox System - Photo by Mar Yvette

I am a huge fan of Sonya Dakar’s skincare products – she is all about natural, organic ingredients. (My personal fave: Organic Omega Booster. I buy this stuff and even though it’s oil, it’s actually very good for oily/combo skin.) The only thing I didn’t love were those HORSE PILLS! OMG! As soon as I saw them I was a little freaked out, but they weren’t so bad. I was able to get them down, but only after a few Jedi mind tricks.

My 3pm snack on the Paleta Detox

Afternoon delight: By the fifth hour of my first day on the detox I was already counting down the hours. Once 1pm rolled around I was able to actually chew something while enjoying my Coco Colada (coconut water, pineapple, lime). The second day was a little tougher for me and I ended up having my 1pm snack an hour earlier. Still, I stuck with the program and never felt hungry, just a little tired.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere ... I love these Magic Milkshakes!

My favorite drinks of each day were at 5pm. Happy Hour! That’s when I was treated to the Magic Milkshake. The first day it was Vanilla Bean. OMG!!! Ridiculous. Delicious. Insane. It felt like it was a reward for all the eating I wasn’t doing. FYI there’s no cow or soy milk in it. It’s made from almond milk, plus cashew, vanilla bean and other assorted yums. So good.

LOVEZ this Pumpkin Magic Milkshake!

OK, can we just talk about this particular Magic Milkshake for a minute? This was the Pumpkin Pie version. ZOMG!!!! To live for. I want these to be part of my life on a regular basis. It’s creamy and rich and just a touch grainy. Absolutely addictive and apparently quite good for you. It really is liquid pumpkin pie.

All juiced up and ready to go!

I did it! By the end of day two, I was feeling a little tired but almost on the verge of euphoric. Is that weird? When I ate my first regular food item the next morning — half of a beet-dyed deviled egg with a touch of jalapeno — my stomach didn’t agree with it. I ended up going straight to Whole Foods and picking up a few of those Evolution organic cold-pressed juices. Would I do this sort of cleanse again? Maybe. Not sure. But if I do, I would definitely do it from Paleta. I really trust Kelly with her ingredients and everything was easy to follow. I felt lighter and cleaner by the end of it all and I like that I still have Sonya Dakar skincare products to use.

The bottom line: I’ve become much more aware about how much I consume every day, all the mindless snacking I do, and I’m more conscious and conscientious about it. One thing is for sure: I’m definitely adding more juicing to my diet!

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  1. Myka at 9:20 am

    MAR, you look so beautiful that I can’t imagine you even need a cleanse, but then I think about all those tacos you eat, so maybe a good idea – LOL

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