Hot New Pick: The Albright

Wow, who knew you could actually get REALLY good food on the Pier?!! After 35 years, the space formerly known as SM Pier Seafood has been totally reimagined as The Albright, a clean, simple, airy, Nantucket-y kinda place with an updated menu that uses fresh, locally sourced seafood and produce. The casual atmosphere is perfect for the Pier — simply place your order, take your number to one of the wood bench tables inside or out on the patio and a server will bring your food and drinks.

I’ve been almost totally vegan the last four months, and I have to say that the fried fish tacos and wild-caught salmon with arugula pesto and brown rice were TOTALLY worth breaking vegan!!! Even the sangria was awesome (and so pretty). It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood and a total blast spending it with my girl Nicole who’s about to tie the knot next week!!! LOVEZ!!!

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  2. LA Eater at 10:20 am

    I love the farris wheel but the food has always lacked at the pier. Bubba Gumps and Taco Bell do not qualify as edible. Thanks for the tip, I will try this next time I am there.

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