Marpop & Blue Man Group

Introducing … the Blue Mar Group

It was a day of FIRSTS for me … and for the Hollywood Bowl and Blue Man Group! For one thing, it was the first time a man popped a giant blue ball in my face on LIVE TV! (You’ll have to watch the clip above to see what I mean.) It was also the first time the Bowl ever had anyone shoot a segment in front of the digital marquee (aka the grassy knoll) right between the Caheunga overpass and Highland Avenue where thousands of vehicles whiz by every day. We were literally stopping traffic — people were pausing to take pictures from their cars. (Thankfully, no accidents.) It was also the first time I had the chance to talk with members of BMG (they only talked off camera, of course) and Thomas Wilkins, the Bowl’s orchestra conductor who was such a good sport to be wheeled out (in true BMG style) for our interview. By the end of the morning I was jamming with Blue Man Group, quite literally getting swept off my feet by Mr. Wilkins and my shoe was turned into a percussion instrument. BMG has a new two-night-only show at the Hollywood Bowl featuring all new material, new instruments and a huge fireworks finale. Good times!

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