Mar Yvette at the Lancome global launch of Write Her Future

Lancome’s #WriteHerFuture Campaign

It was a beautiful way to kick off National Women’s History Month at the global launch of the Lancôme #WriteHerFuture campaign.

The new partnership with CARE (a great organization that’s been around for 76 years and serves 93 countries) will provide funds to raise awareness about female illiteracy and help diminish its prevalence and the stigma it holds around the world. I had no idea that 35 million people read below a third grade level in the US (!!!), so this isn’t just a problem in developing countries, it’s happening right here at home.

The #WriteHerFuture campaign starts in three countries — Guatemala, Morocco and Thailand — where there is a huge need and desire to help solve this problem. Over the next five years, Lancôme will invest at least 2 million Euros to fund international literacy programs and work to develop local support. Approximately 8,000 women will directly benefit from this program, which will then indirectly impact some 40,000 people because women most often are part of families and therefore create a ripple effect.

Sure, it was fun being treated to a swanky time at Soho House in Malibu, but more importantly, it was encouraging to see how companies are starting to have more of a social mission. I loved that this commitment to women will exist as long as the brand exists. I also really love that Lancôme is committed to not testing on animals — unfortunately, their parent company L’Oreal still does but it seems they are making strides to change that.

Step by step …

Learn more about the #WriteHerFuture campaign and how you can get involved.

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  1. claireissa at 5:48 am

    Thanks for posting, Mar! Had no idea this was happening. I have traveled to Thailand before and illiteracy is a problem and the fact that young girls are being trafficked and prevented from getting an education is of the utmost importance. Great to see a big brand like this taking some action.

  2. Vanessa P at 2:13 pm

    I love Lancome especially definicils mascara and I love that they are doing this. The time is now for women around the world!

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